Benefits and Drawbacks of Outlawing Homework

The tradition of assigning homework in schools has existed for generations all over the world. It is so because learners can understand specific things better in a school setup while other stuff outside the school environment. However, homework elicits and divides opinion between students, experts, and parents, especially on how it gets administered and if it helps in any way.

Why It’s Important to Outlaw Homework

  • Lack of a success assurance on uplifting academic performance. Research outcomes on homework give conflicting and inconclusive results.
  • Homework creates a longer learning day for learners than the working hours of parents. When parents bring work home after a workday, it always has a compensation plan. Which is contrary to the extra work kids have to do at home in the form of assignments.
  • A total prohibition on homework will give families time to bond. There is always limited time to spend together as a family because of homework deadlines.
  • Homework constraints cause a learner-burnout and reduce their overall output. Assignment related stress causes massive performance issues in young students. Research points out adverse and direct issues such as student dropout, because of the amount of time and volume learners get subjected to.
  • The health of the learner is greatly affected by a considerable homework load. Some instructors judge learners from their prompt submission of their assignments. Failure to submit assignments on time generates a negative perception that can negatively affect learners. When left unchecked, this can lead to mental illnesses.
  • Reduced dynamism in learning. Most homework tasks involve repetitive ideas already learned in a learning institution.
  • Outlawing homework would assist learners in getting enough sleep through the elimination of irrelevant work. Sometimes instructors give out homework that has no targeted outcome. Students have to write concepts that have not gotten covered in class, which eventually affects their grades.
  • Lack of a favorable home setting for homework. Some families are dysfunctional while other homes have attention grabbers like TV programs etc. The lack of a favorable learning environment for a given child will bring frustration.

Why It’s Wrong to Outlaw homework

  • Homework offers an avenue for parents to get involved in the learning process. To understand the concepts their kids get exposed to in schools.
  • Assignments reduce exam based anxiety and stress on learners. It is because they get used to answering and figuring out concepts, so assessments become familiar.
  • Assignments can indicate learning disabilities in kids.
  • Instructors can gauge the levels of learner understanding concerning specific concepts. If concepts learned can be reflected positively in assignments, then it shows the effectiveness of the classroom learning environment.
  • Homework builds accountability in learners, especially in the learning process.
  • Assignments are avenues for learners to conduct more in-depth research as most average lessons in schools are about an hour each.
  • Assignments train learners on time management and the importance of persistence in achieving success, which is an invaluable skill in their adult life.


The disadvantages and advantages of homework are subjective to each person. Some thrive while others flounder when faced with the reality of homework every day. Until conclusive research determines otherwise, stick to what you believe and don’t be afraid of asking for help when you need it: professional assistants on Do My Homework 123 are always ready to help.

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